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News Roundup & Comment

Date: May 24, 2024 Host: Jim Schneider ​MP3 | Order It was a very busy Crosstalk as Jim brought news stories from around the globe to the attention of listeners.  Here’s a brief sample: …

Summer Camp Registration

Not Enough Babies

May 26 – But David …

Implicit Trust


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Summer Camp Registration

June 1 is the registration deadline for: June 17-22: Junior High 1June 24-29: Teen CampJune 30-July 3: Family Camp Visit to learn more!

Days of Praise Thank You!


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News Roundup & Comment

Date: May 24, 2024 Host: Jim Schneider ​MP3 | Order It was a very busy Crosstalk as Jim brought news stories from around the globe to the attention of listeners.  Here’s a brief sample: …

Escalating Toward Euthanasia

A Current Focus on Israel

In Focus

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inFocus 4/8/24 “Israel’s War Against Hamas: 6 Months Later”

In Focus is a live call-in program airing on WVCY-TV30 and VCYAmerica.TV Monday Nights at 7 PM, and repeated at midnight, 5 AM, and Noon.


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Mike Gendron Rally – Discerning Truth in an Age of Deception

Mike Gendron spoke at the Waukesha Expo for the VCY America Rally on March 16, 2024. His topic was “Discerning Truth in an Age of Deception.” Mike Gendron is the …

Bill Federer – Silence Equals Consent

Richard Schmidt Rally – The March Toward Globalism

From the Director

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From the Director

By Jim Schneider, Executive DirectorVCY America “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when …

From the Director

From the Director

Fast Facts

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Fast Facts: Ostrich (Part 4)

I’m Carl Kerby. Have you ever stopped to consider the beauty of an ostrich feather? These sought after souvenirs reached “Plume-blume” height in the19th century when a feather was pound …

Fast Facts: Ostrich (Part 3)

Fast Facts: Ostrich (Part 2)

Bible Reading Challenge

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May 26 – But David …

TODAY’S BIBLE READING CHALLENGE:   2 Samuel 9:1-11:27   John 15:1-27   Psalm 119:49-64   Proverbs 16:1-3 2 Samuel 9:1 — Vows are important (Deuteronomy 23:21-23). David made a covenant with Saul before the LORD (I …

Christian Heritage

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David Saxon

The Lone Star Revival

The story of the Lone Star Revival begins in the 1830s, when Samuel and Roenna Day sailed to India to work as missionaries. By 1840, the Days were fairly fluid …

America’s Founding Pastors

What Is Revival? – Part II

Prophecy Q & A

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Do You Believe the Bible Teaches a Difference Between Israel and the Church with One Residing in Eternity on the Earth and the Other in Heaven?

I certainly do. That is the premillennial, dispensational understanding of God’s plan for the future. The Jewish people have four promises: God has given these promises that must be fulfilled. …

Patriots of the Past

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Esther de Berdt Reed – June 2, 1780

It’s June 2, 1780. I’m in Philadelphia with the Governor of Pennsylvania’s wife, Esther Reed. JG: “Mrs. Reed, you’ve been receiving criticism as being unladylike for your efforts to support …

Francis Marion – March 15, 1780

Betsy Martin – December 4, 1779

Apologetics with Carl Ke

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LIFE ISSUES: Suicide (Part 1)

Today, we’re talking about life issues, specifically suicide. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, over 1.3 million Americans commit suicide every year. Think suicide is a result of …

LIFE ISSUES: Abortion (Part 6)

LIFE ISSUES: Abortion (Part 5)

Faith’s Checkbook

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Implicit Trust

For I will surely deliver thee, and thou shalt not fall by the sword, but thy life shall be for a prey unto thee: because thou hast put thy trust …

Wisconsin Family Connection

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Aurora Health Care Sponsors Pride Night the Milwaukee Brewers’ website and scrolling on the bottom of televised games is the announcement that the team’s annual Pride Night is June eleventh at American Family Field. According …

Abortion Pill Reversal Course Funded

Home Front 05-22-2024

Building Great Leaders

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Building Great Leaders – Trials And Temptations Christians Face, Part 2

Les Ollila is an evangelist who served as the second president (1984-2002) and then chancellor (2002-2013) of Northland Baptist Bible College (1976-2015), later Northland International University. In 2013, Ollila began …

Share Life

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Do You Know For Sure? Tract Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today. If you’ve seen someone leave a Gospel tract in a restaurant or hand …

Tract Evangelism

Where Do All Those Tracts Go?

Life Issues

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Biden Crusade Against Pro-Life Movement

//?#Joe Biden yesterday expanded his crusade against the pro-life movement.  The so-called Department of Justice announced they’re filing federal lawsuits against two pro-life organizations, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and …

Emotional Research

Animalistic Survival of the Fittest

Creation Moments

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Plant Mathematics

//?#Many plants, including the elm or linden trees, grow their leaves, twigs and branches placed exactly half way around the stem from each other. Next in the series are plants, …

Medicina Salvaje

Is the Shark Related to the Pig?

Phyllis Schlafly Report

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Squatter Immigration Nation

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles · May 24 | Squatter Nation Photo by Gene Gallin on Unsplash One mainstay of Western Civilization is respect for the rule of law by citizens and governments. In America today, this respect is fading away. We find ourselves in an increasingly crime-ridden country, especially in the cities. Additionally, police and prosecutors […]

The Social Media Safety Trap

Freedom’s Call with Mat Staver

Who Is Funding the Campus Riots?

Even though Soros is Jewish, he funds the attacks against the Jewish people and supports the boycott Israel movement. Constitutional expert, lawyer, author, pastor, and founder of Liberty Counsel Mat Staver highlights in 60 seconds the important topics of the day that impact life, liberty, and family. To stay informed and get involved, visit 
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Viewpoints with Kerby Anderson

Not Enough Babies

Penna Dexter
Headlines about the fact that the fertility rate is falling worldwide have government leaders worried. As workforces shrink, economic growth slows, and companies and government entities fail to sufficiently fund pensions, demographers are scrambling to offer explanations – and solutions.
The fertility rate has to do with the number of babies a woman has over her lifetime. It is believed that, for the first time, fertility has dropped below global replacement.
There are many reasons: Longer lifespans with more children surviving into adulthood, women’s higher education levels, women’s greater participation in the workforce, economic uncertainty beginning with the 2008 financial crisis.
The Wall Street Journal points to another factor:  a “’second demographic transition,’ a society-wide reorientation toward individualism that puts less emphasis on marriage and parenthood, and makes fewer or no children more acceptable.”
Melissa Kearney, an economist at the University of Maryland, told The Wall Street Journal that raising children is no more expensive now than in the past. She says parents simply have different “perspectives” and “perceived constraints.” Professor Kearney, the author of a recent book, The Two-Parent Privilege, points out that highly educated parents spend more time with their children than in the past and therefore may want fewer of them. She says, “The intensity of parenting is a constraint.”
Another scholar with the same last name — spelled differently — is the American Enterprise Institute’s Timothy Carney. His book is Family Unfriendly: How Our Culture Made Raising Kids Much Harder Than It Needs to Be. He and his wife have five children.
Tim Carney’s recent Washington Post op-ed recommends families have at least four children. He writes: “There’s nothing high-quality about the intensive parenting that is typical in today’s middle and upper-middle classes.” He recommends letting kids “off the leash,” ditching the daily after-school “race,” in favor of “independent play” because it’s fun, less exhausting, and helps children learn to cope with stressors (like when little brother smashes your record-breaking Lego tower).

AI Predicts the Future

Border Security