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Fast Facts: Bears (Part 3)

I’m Carl Kerby, and as promised, we are checking out some killer claws today … and we’re not talking about the ferocious lion or the talons of an eagle! Instead, …

News Roundup & Comment

Trump at NRB

Enemies at Peace


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VCY Bible Institute: New Course!

The VCY Bible Institute has added a new course: God’s Answers to Good Questions with Pastor Brian De Jong. Christians have questions. Good questions. Important questions. Who is God? What …

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Growing in Christ Class


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News Roundup & Comment

Date: March 1, 2024 Host: Dalton Windsor MP3 | Order Dalton handled hosting duties as he brought listeners the following from the news desk: –The Texas wildfire has now destroyed over 1 million acres. …

The Critical Need to Reach Children

Living in the Daze of Deception

In Focus

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inFocus 2/26/24 “The Bible’s Teaching On Self-Defense”

In Focus is a live call-in program airing on WVCY-TV30 and VCYAmerica.TV Monday Nights at 7 PM, and repeated at midnight, 5 AM, and Noon.

inFocus 2/12/24 “February 2024 Legislative Update”

inFocus 2/5/24 “A.I. & Transhumanism”


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Upcoming VCY Rallies

March 16, 2024 at 6PM – Mike Gendron Topic: Discerning Truth in an Age of Deception Mike Gendron is the Founder and Director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry. Mike was …

Alex Newman Rally – Exposing the Great Reset

Erwin Lutzer Rally – We Will Not Bow

From the Director

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From the Director

“Bread and Circuses”By Jim Schneider, Executive DirectorVCY America A Roman poet by the name of Decimus Junius Juvenalis, known to most as just “Juvenal,” lived from around 55AD to 127AD.  …

From the Director

From the Director

Fast Facts

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Fast Facts: Bears (Part 3)

I’m Carl Kerby, and as promised, we are checking out some killer claws today … and we’re not talking about the ferocious lion or the talons of an eagle! Instead, …

Fast Facts: Bears (Part 2)

Fast Facts: Bears (Part 1)

Bible Reading Challenge

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March 3 – The High Cost of a Dedicated Home!

TODAY’S BIBLE READING CHALLENGE:   Leviticus 27:14-Numbers 1:54   Mark 11:1-26   Psalm 46:1-11   Proverbs 10:23 Leviticus 27:15 — Some people dedicate their house to the Lord today, and they invite their church family and …

March 2 – Previewing Baal

March 1 – Proclaim Liberty!

Christian Heritage

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David Saxon

The Lone Star Revival

The story of the Lone Star Revival begins in the 1830s, when Samuel and Roenna Day sailed to India to work as missionaries. By 1840, the Days were fairly fluid …

America’s Founding Pastors

What Is Revival? – Part II

Prophecy Q & A

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Will We Have Other Names that God Will Give Us when We Get to Heaven?

I don’t know what our name will be, but it will be written down in heaven. The Lord doesn’t give us an absolute as to what that name will be.

Patriots of the Past

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Abigail Adams – May 21, 1775

It’s May 21, 1775. I’m with Abigail Adams. We are watching several boatloads of British troops sail into Boston Harbor. JG: “Mrs. Adams, as your husband is away with the …

Samuel Adams – August 1, 1776

William Bainbridge – August 12, 1812

Apologetics with Carl Ke

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TRUE RELIGION: The Case for the God of the Bible (Part 2)

Today, we’re talking about the case for the God of the Bible.  Of all the religions and philosophies in our world today, only the God of the Bible describes man’s …

FALSE RELIGIONS: Mormonism (Part 5)

Faith’s Checkbook

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Enemies at Peace

When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. (Proverbs 16:7) I must see that my ways please the Lord. Even …

All Turned to Holiness

My Choice Is His Choice

Wisconsin Family Connection

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TN Protects Religious Freedom week, Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law that allows public officials to refuse to perform same-sex marriages if their religious beliefs make them unable to …

Porn Bill Sits in the State Senate

Our First Six Presidents

Building Great Leaders

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Building Great Leaders – Trials And Temptations Christians Face, Part 2

Les Ollila is an evangelist who served as the second president (1984-2002) and then chancellor (2002-2013) of Northland Baptist Bible College (1976-2015), later Northland International University. In 2013, Ollila began …

Share Life

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Walking in Righteousness Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Have you heard this …

The New Testament Cross

The Old Testament Law

Life Issues

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Women Are Saying No

According to the most recent poll, women in the United Kingdom are saying no to do-it-yourself chemical abortion at home.  A majority said chemical abortion should be used in a …

What Happened to Ireland?

We Oppose Abortion

Creation Moments

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Can Monkeys Count?

Listeners will know from our Creation Moments programs that the scientific establishment is firmly convinced that Man evolved from the higher apes millions of years ago. For this reason, rhesus …

Sorprendentes polillas de invierno

Ancient Hummingbirds Were Quite Modern

Phyllis Schlafly Report

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Monroe Doctrine Matters

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles · March 1 | Monroe Doctrine Matters The Monroe Doctrine began on December 2, 1823. It was articulated in President James Monroe’s seventh annual message to Congress. Monroe stated that the European powers were obligated to limit their influence in the Western Hemisphere. The Western Hemisphere is the domain of influence belonging […]

Keeping American Jobs in America

Universities Defy SCOTUS On Affirmative Action

Freedom’s Call with Mat Staver

We Must Protect Children From Medical Mutilation

The gender surgery industry is expected to grow to a five billion industry by 2030. Constitutional expert, lawyer, author, pastor, and founder of Liberty Counsel Mat Staver highlights in 60 seconds the important topics of the day that impact life, liberty, and family. To stay informed and get involved, visit 
Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Florida Laws Affirm Unborn Children Have Legal Rights

Viewpoints with Kerby Anderson

Trump at NRB

Penna Dexter
Last week thousands of Christians gathered in Nashville for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. The NRB was formed in the early years of radio broadcasting, when evangelical broadcasters, who were faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, built radio audiences in the millions. This threatened liberal mainline denominations who wanted a ban on religious broadcasting that was not done by “responsible” religious broadcasters — like themselves.
On Thursday night of the conference, Donald Trump was the speaker. He hit every issue Christians and conservatives care about. He identified himself as a believer. But he focused on his audience — people involved in communicating the gospel and spreading God’s truth. He spent a lot of time on religious liberty, the freedom of Christians to practice our faith. He addressed the growing threats to religious liberty and promised to “protect God in the public square” if he is elected.
But, as I sat in that audience, what impacted me most was President Trump’s words about the good Christians do for the country and the world by using pulpits and the media to tell people about Christ and His principles and by loving people and caring for their needs. It was as if he was speaking, not so much to get our votes, as to encourage us to keep doing what we are doing and step it up.
This was encouraging. But I couldn’t help wondering if the church is doing enough. Is our message clear, or watered down?  Are we worthy of the compliments this former president was articulating.
In his four years in the White House, Donald Trump got a taste of how difficult it is to govern people hostile to faith and biblical principles.
On Friday morning at NRB, Bott Radio Network hosted a breakfast. Leesburg, Virginia pastor, Gary Hamrick told attendees, “The marriage between woke ideology and liberal theology has produced passive pastors.” Faithful pastors — and broadcasters — need their freedom protected. They also need courage.  


Threat to Democracy?