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Homefront features Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council, with news from around the state.

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Wisconsin Family Council Homefront Podcast
Wisconsin Family Council Homefront Podcast
  • CA Right to Life Lawsuit Settles
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/0043749d-1d77-47cd-ada7-89af76fb7a49-WI-230927-mixdown.mp3Earlier this month, California state officials settled a lawsuit from Right to Life of Central California, agreeing to honor the group’s free speech rights and pay nearly two hundred thousand … Read more
  • Home Front 09-27-2023
    2023 | Wednesday, September 27 Daniel Degner, Wisconsin Family Council’s Church Ambassador Network Director, joins Julaine to discuss the unique Gospel ministry this effort has in our state capitol.  Julaine … Read more
  • Ultimatum for UW DEI Program
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/82d10294-a02a-41b6-bdf0-cb6893579268-WI-230926-mixdown.mp3Last week, Republican State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos reiterated to Wispolitics that he blocking pay raises for U-W System employees unless the university first cuts DEI—Diversity Equity Inclusion—positions. Thirty-two million … Read more
  • Worldview & Making Disciples
    2023 | Week of September 25 | Radio Transcript #1533 Having and living according to a biblical worldview really does matter. Researcher George Barna has lately been speaking quite bluntly … Read more
  • Baby Safe Havens in WI
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/a195ee1d-6f9f-4b35-ab4c-509841c8e530-WI-230925-mixdown.mp3Last Thursday, a Senate committee held a public hearing on a bill that would add to our state’s safe haven law. The current law allows a parent to anonymously relinquish … Read more
  • “The Blind Spot” in Poverty
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/dfaf00fd-0245-486a-a16d-edd1e2d48ca6-WI-230922-mixdown.mp3A recent op ed by in The New York Times by liberal columnist Nicholas Kristof, asserted that if America is really going to get serious about poverty, we must move … Read more
  • Progress on Pro-Life “Embrace Them Both” Bills
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/2b1b3d53-f3aa-4c39-a9fb-f38e7b34c748-WI-230921-mixdown.mp3On Tuesday, a State Senate committee held a public hearing on a 4-bill package known as “Embrace Them Both.” All 4 bills in some way promote life, protect women, or … Read more
  • Home Front 09-20-2023
    2023 | Wednesday, September 20 Listen as Julaine fills in important information regarding Planned Parenthood of WI’s illegally resuming abortion in our state. Other topics include the importance of worldview, … Read more
  • Religious Freedom on the Football Field
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/bfe8c04e-a9dc-4c5e-a6bc-95616620bb40-WI-230920-mixdown.mp3Last year the US Supreme Court sided with Coach Joe Kennedy in a religious freedom case involving his employment at a public high school. The coach had been fired for … Read more
  • Teaching a Biblical Worldview
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/bf38533a-6d23-45a3-b809-065e363808d0-WI-230919-mixdown.mp3Speaking recently at Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand event, researcher George Barna attributed our societal problems to a transition from a biblical worldview to alternative philosophies. Christian post reports … Read more
  • Planned Parenthood to Illegally Resume in WI
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/26a36939-6046-4248-bce9-ce2a767d3fe8-WI-230918-mixdown.mp3Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin last week announced that as of today they will begin doing abortions again in Milwaukee and Madison. The abortion giant says a ruling in July from … Read more
  • A Romans 1 Culture
    2023 | Week of September 18 | Radio Transcript #1532 My pastor is preaching through Romans. This past Sunday, the sermon was on Romans 1, verses 24-32. While I am … Read more
  • Legislative Maps in WI
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/360dc432-d96c-4887-ad5e-b2747b6fbc9a-WI-230915-mixdown.mp3Wisconsin’s current legislative maps have two lawsuits against them pending before our state supreme court. Adding to the map intrigue, this week several Republicans introduced a bill they claim is … Read more
  • Constitution Day
    https://episodes.castos.com/64063b9346f5f0-85323018/b2906f00-3f8f-491c-94cf-3873293f8f27-WI-230914-mixdown.mp3Sunday is Constitution Day. 236 ago on September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, delegates from 11 states signed the newly drafted Constitution establishing the United States of America as a … Read more
  • Home Front 09-13-2023
    2023 | Wednesday, September 13 Julaine kicks of the new season of Home Front with a look at the newly configured WI Supreme Court and the issues before it right … Read more