Jews and Christians come together to focus on the importance of the Temple Mount

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Lets talk about the conference that took place this week there at the Begin Center where you have worked for so many years. In fact I think it was the very first conference for Jews and Christians to get together and focus on the City of Jerusalem but in particular the Temple Mount. Now I heard you were a speaker at the conference; tell us about what happened.

WM: Well Jimmy there’s a new organization that’s about 2-2 1/2 years old as far as I know, led by Keidar it’s called Cry for Zion. And he’s reached out these years and what happened was we had about 300 people and must have been about 15 lectures, they were break out sessions. And the entire focus was not theological. There were no theological discussions but it was Jewish-Christian cooperation and understanding why the issue of Jerusalem. And as you added specifically the Temple Mount should be a matter of concern for members of both religions and how to work together on this issue.

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