Do You Think that the Antichrist, Mentioned in Daniel 11, Is a Military Man Who Is Prone to War?

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The passage of Scripture that you mentioned is in Daniel 11:36-45. In Daniel 11, five personalities come to power, ultimately. Most of them were military geniuses. They had to conquer the world at that time. Before Daniel 11 happened, Daniel was able to write out and tell in advance, give prophecy, of the personalities that would come to power.

Daniel 11:2, he talks about a man 57 years before he came on the scene who would be a Persian leader, the fourth of the Persian leaders, and would be richer than the previous three.  He would also be a mighty leader himself. This would be Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther.

Daniel 11:3 says that a mighty king would stand up and do according to his will and that his kingdom would be divided into four parts (Daniel 11:4). This is talking about Alexander the Great. 200 years before he came on the scene, Daniel wrote about him in a prophecy. When Alexander the Great died, his kingdom was divided into four parts. The kingdoms in the north and south were the major players.

In Daniel 11:5-21, Antiochus the Great, another leader of the north, was offered in marriage the daughter of the king of the south. This was prophesied 300 years before he came on the scene.

In Daniel 11:21-35, it talks about Antiochus Epiphane, the mad man. 360 years before he came on the scene, Daniel prophesied about him. Daniel wrote history.

Daniel 11:36-45 talks about the Antichrist. He comes to power, and Daniel gives us a bit of a description. In verse 36, he is referred to as the king who shall do according to his will, the Willful King.  This is one of 27 names for the Antichrist. It says that he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god and shall speak marvelous things against the God of Gods. He is going to blaspheme God. This is the description of the Antichrist found in Revelation 13:1, 5, 6. Blasphemy will be the design of the Antichrist. Through the rest of the chapter, we see more information about the Antichrist. In verse 38, it says that in his estate he shall honor the god of forces which refers to a man who will have great military knowledge, a military genius. This is how the Antichrist will control the world through the use of the military.

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