The Gospel is Power

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today.

Remember, it is the Gospel itself, not our clever answers or power of persuasion that is the “power of God unto salvation.” When you’re sharing the Gospel, and you encounter an objection, the goal is to deal with the objection as simply and quickly as possible and then continue with the Gospel. Two keys to remember are first, to research their question and return with an answer:  If you don’t know the answer to their question, tell them, “That’s a great question. Can I do some research and get back to you on that?” And then, continue with the Gospel before making an appointment for a future visit. If you’re able to respond to the objection on the spot, do so quickly and again get back into sharing the Gospel. With a bit of knowledge, many common objections can be answered right on the spot. Join us this Saturday for Go Training Day as we prepare to share our faith in May as a part of the Go Month. For more information, visit us at

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