Gun Control Targeted

Date:      December 10, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:    Mike Hammond
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​The result of the mid-term election is bringing change to the focus and priorities of the House of Representatives. Buzz words being used such as ‘investigations’, ‘impeachment’, passage of the so-called ‘Equality Act’, ‘border wall’ opposition and finally, ‘gun control’.
The effort to target the Second Amendment is not only the goal of the new House, it’s also part of various state governments.
Joining Jim to look at this issue was Michael Hammond. Michael is the legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America.

Concerning gun control, what can we expect after control changes in the House of Representatives? According to Mike, Nancy Pelosi said that one of her first objectives after she takes over is to present the largest gun control package that we’ve seen in a generation as one of the first items considered. In fact, Michael believes she will begin by disarming all representatives in the capitol.

Pelosi said she also wants to move quickly on universal background checks. Michael views this as outlawing every private sale of guns in the nation. This is problematic because in some parts of America it would become virtually impossible to buy or sell one. Also, if every transaction requires a form, that means every transaction can potentially be entered into a national gun owners registry.

Michael believes they will be successful at filibustering universal background check legislation in the Senate.

Michael’s most serious concern surrounds Red Flag Proposals, or as he called them, ‘gun confiscation orders’. For example, the police or a disgruntled relative of yours could convene a secret court (an ex parte proceeding). This is a secret court in which you’re not invited. This court could make an allegation that you are dangerous. You haven’t committed a crime nor are you about to. Instead, by the subjective standard of those involved, you are considered dangerous. If the judge agrees, he issues an order which strips you of certain constitutional rights, one of which would be your Second Amendment right.

You would possibly not find out about this until the middle of the night when the police S.W.A.T. team arrives. If you resist, they may arrest or even shoot you to death. Michael provided an example to prove the point as well as the response to this process by a congressman from California.

There’s much more to glean on the Second Amendment issue when you review this vital Crosstalk broadcast.

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