The Jews are praying that the Jewish Temple will be built this year in Jerusalem

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: I think you told me last time we talked there were only two very serious holy days when you have a 25 hour fast. That was Yom Kippur a Day of Atonement and Tisha B’Av. Would you please explain for our listeners what Tisha B’Av is all about and where do we get the name from? What does it mean?

WM: Well Jimmy the Hebrew months of course have Hebrew names. And one that comes out usually between July and August. The ninth day is traditionally consider the day that both the first Temple and the second Temple were destroyed. It’s mentioned in some of the prophets about the fifth month because we some times count from the month of Nisan which is usually the month of Passover. So the fifth month would be Av.

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