Beware of false teachers teaching Bible prophecy in our day

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David, this last week we received a number of emails concerning last weeks discussion of the Blessed Hope Prophecy Conference. So, I think after talking with you we decided it would be good for us to dig into this a little bit deeper and explain why we have serious concerns about what’s happening in the realm of prophecy.

DJ: We’re always glad to have emails from our listeners. One of them had suggested that it might be helpful to name names. And then another one had a great testimony about what he went through which we’ll also discuss here in a few minutes. But these are serious things that we are discussing. And we know that prophecy makes up such a great portion of the Bible and as we head deeper into the last days it’s very important that people have their theology correct in relation to that.

JD: And lets see if you can give us some advice for our listeners, things that we can do to avoid getting off track when it comes to prophecy concerning the last days.

DJ: If you’re a pastor I would say, pastor, you need to study Biblical prophecy from reputable Theologians and studying the word of God yourself, teach your people prophecy and how to decipher truth or mare. If you’re the average person in the pew learn to study the prophetic word of God for yourself and then look for trustworthy men who do teach or have taught Bible prophecy correctly. Men like John Walvoord, Charles Riley, Mark Hitchcock, and I would add to that Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. And I would also say this, before you go to a prophecy conference do your research find out what the speakers actually believe and teach. You can do the exact same kind of research that Jimmy and I do every week in preparation for this program and that will protect you and help you avoid being confused.

JD: David James explaining from the Bible that in the last days there will be false teachers teaching Bible prophecy.

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