Billy Diamond – April 20, 1775

Experience the American dream with today’s Patriot of the Past interview. I’m your host, John Gillespie.

It’s April 20, 1775. I’m at the home of 15-year-old Billy Diamond, the drummer boy for the Lexington Minutemen.

JG: “Billy, you were very brave to march into battle yesterday against the British army.”

BD: “Thank you, Mr. Gillespie, but I wasn’t brave. I’m called to fight for freedom. I can do no other. John Harrington now he was a brave man. He was hit in the chest by a musket ball. He crawled to the steps of his house where he died at the feet of his wife and his eight-year-old son.”

Eight fathers with 12 teenage sons at their sides fought in that battle at Lexington, and eight Americans died.

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