Independence Needs Sovereignty

Photo: America First” ad from Chicago mayoral election, 1927, public domain, cropped

We often speak about some of the things that make America so great: the Constitution, the rule of law, freedom of speech, the list goes on. But we often forget one critical element that is necessary for any of those other great things to exist: sovereignty. For America to prosper and guarantee the rights and privileges of the people, America must be sovereign. This is something that Phyllis Schlafly emphasized throughout her life. She defined sovereignty as “the ability of a government to act without being subject to the legal control of another country or international organization, restrained only by moral principles.”

This means that the United States should not submit itself to the rule of international organizations blindly, because America’s freedom necessitates its independence. Phyllis wrote “The United States Constitution is based on the premise that we are a sovereign nation and we don’t obey any power unless authorized in the Constitution. The Europeans, on the other hand, are rapidly abandoning their national sovereignty in favor of an international bureaucracy called the European Union.”

America should never submit itself to this same kind of international governance. “The enemies of sovereignty are squeamish about the term world government,” Phyllis said. “They like the softer slogan global governance, which harbors undefined concepts such as human rights, sustainable development, and international justice.”

Phyllis wrote these words 20 years ago, but they sound like they could have been written yesterday. The globalist playbook has not changed. They still try to drag the United States into giving up its sovereignty by joining an international organization under the guise of ‘climate change’ and ‘sustainable growth’. It doesn’t matter what words they use – there is no goal so important that we as Americans should give up our unique form of government.

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