There are prophecy conferences that may be dangerous to your Biblical understanding of God’s plan for the future

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Do you think having a mixture of good and bad prophecy teachers at a conference like this presents any problems for those who are there in attendance?

DJ: Well I think it does. Since prophecy is not taught that much in the local churches a lot of people who go to these different prophecy conferences they’re not well taught and they don’t know how to handle the word of God accurately. In many cases if you have a situation where you have a very good prophecy teacher followed or proceeded by a bad one or a sensationalist somebody who is off the wall in their understanding and get off into speculation for one thing it comes across as a tasked endorsement and I think the average person may not be able to figure out how to sort it out. And they would assume naturally that a lot of these men are all on the same page and would be in agreement.

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