A Choice Not An Echo: Why the Kingmakers Hate Leadership

Photo: Ford Kissinger Rockefeller, cropped; public domain

In her bestselling book, A Choice Not an Echo, Phyllis Schlafly wrote about a special group of men who made decisions for America, and she called them the Kingmakers.

The Kingmakers met in smoke-filled rooms especially to pick the presidential candidate that best served their private interests. They called themselves at that time the Bilderberg Group, and it continues down to today.

Phyllis pointed out that the Kingmakers do not like true leadership, because a true leader can get his support from the people. That leader earns respect and votes from the citizens and then works to serve their interests. True leadership is a beautiful thing in politics and often results in the best statesmen. And it is the last thing that the Kingmakers want to see in a candidate.

Phyllis pointed to Senator Barry Goldwater as a shining example of leadership. In 1959, Senator Goldwater stood against the Kennedy labor bill which was popular at that time. The press predicted that his opposition would be futile. They were wrong. Senator Goldwater’s principled stand attracted the attention of the American people, and the people followed along. They called their representatives in Congress and the bill did not make it through the House. Phyllis said about Goldwater’s stand, he “gave us dramatic proof that conservatism is popular.”

But cashing in on conservatism’s popularity requires real leadership. Phyllis Schlafly went on to write, “The true test of leadership is the ability to carry your side to victory when the odds are against you.” Passing the true test of leadership, though, puts you on the Kingmaker’s naughty list. The Kingmakers want someone who will serve them, not the people.

This is why the Kingmakers worked so hard to undermine Goldwater in 1964 throughout his presidential campaign. Phyllis wrote about Goldwater and his stance: “This is leadership that can win elections and solve problems at home, and defeat Communists abroad. This is the leadership for which America yearns today.” And it is the kind of leadership the Kingmakers fear more than anything else. And it’s the kind of leadership that we need.

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