LIFE ISSUES: Physician-Assisted Suicide (Part 4)

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Today, we’re talking about physician-assisted suicide.

Many physician-assisted suicide advocates justify a doctor giving lethal injections to his/her terminally ill patients by arguing it’s compassionate to end their suffering.   

But author Ryan Anderson noted the troubling record of physician-assisted suicide cases from the Netherlands, where PAS is legal — cases NOT AT ALL related to terminal illness, such as doctors assisting patients to kill themselves for diagnoses of anorexia (an eating disorder), losing eyesight, tinnitus (an annoying ringing in the ears), and — believe it or not — molysomophobia (a phobia of being dirty)!

Anderson is right in pointing out that physician-assisted suicide can easily — and quickly — lead to a culture of death, where the answer to any life challenge is simply to kill the one affected.

In contrast to the death of physician-assisted suicide, Christ promises life — abundant life — for those who come to Him.

And what about euthanasia? We’ll discuss that another time.

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