Why Do so Many People Believe That the Olivet Discourse Deals with the Christian and the Church?

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They do not have a proper hermeneutic, which is the science of interpreting Scripture. You must look at the Scripture, interpret it literally, look at the historic background, take grammar into consideration, look at the situation at the time regarding who was this passage written to, etc.

Regarding the Olivet Discourse and the Rapture, the Church has not even come into existence.   The Rapture is for Christians only, those who came to know Jesus Christ after the Day of Pentecost and before the Rapture. During this period of time, Jews and Gentiles who trust Jesus Christ become Christians. In Matthew 24, the Church was not established yet. There were no Christians, only Jews and Gentiles. In Matthew 24, He is talking just to Jewish people about the Tribulation period, warning them about His Second Coming.

We need to understand the context as we study Scripture and have a consistent hermeneutic.

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