Antisemitism on the Rise
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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Two weeks ago, I documented the rise in antisemitism on the left. Today, I will focus our attention on antisemitism on the right.

Before I do so, let’s acknowledge that dividing anti-Jewish hatred into left and right is neither fair nor accurate. In my previous commentary, I quoted a liberal who condemns the views of his fellow Democrats who are antisemitic. Conservative leaders also condemn the views of antisemitic groups.

Sarah Arnold reports: “Antisemitism is on the rise …and Hamas’s slaughter on the Jewish land has expedited its exposure. We all thought the days were over when Jewish people had to be afraid to leave their homes or openly worship at a synagogue.”

Instead, those who hate Jewish people have become emboldened to march in the streets. This time it was members of a Neo-Nazi group (known as Blood Tribe) that marched through the streets of Madison, Wisconsin. They wore red shirts, waved swastika flags, and gave salutes to Hitler.

They describe themselves as a group that “openly directs its vitriol at Jews, non-whites, and the LGBTQ community.” They even stopped in front of a synagogue to chant: “Israel is not our friend.”

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers lamented: “To see Neo-Nazis marching in our streets and neighborhoods and in the shadow of our State Capitol building spreading their disturbing, hateful messages is truly revolting.”

It is time for pastors and Christian leaders to speak out against such groups and individuals. God gave Abram and his descendants three promises in Genesis 12. Deuteronomy 14:2 calls Jews a chosen people. But even if you don’t believe the Jews are a chosen people, you should still treat the Jews with the same dignity as any other religious or ethnic group. This is a message we need to speak today.viewpoints new web version

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