Hamas Apologists

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Kerby Andersonnever miss viewpoints

Columnist Charles Cooke is blunt in his assessment: “Hamas Apologists Are Freaks.” I might not have used that description, but his assessment is correct. Well-adjusted people do not look at the bloodshed by Hamas terrorists and use woke, intersectional words to justify this evil act.

Some of the people who have tried to justify the Hamas butchery are backing away from those statements. They argue they never made those statements, or else they were misinterpreted. Before these apologists are successful in rewriting history, it’s worth thinking about the mind games you must use to justify such horrific acts.

“It is simply not within the normal bounds of human behavior to look at what has happened in Israel and to filter one’s instinctive moral reaction through whatever goofy, specious, ugly ideology one might have picked up in an overpriced seminar hall.” Yes, words like “colonialism” and “imperialism” have a place in some discussions when properly defined. But well-adjusted people don’t read about machine-gunning concertgoers and beheading babies and use woke language to justify something that would repulse any normal person.

“Well-adjusted people do not learn of the largest single instance of antisemitic butchery since the Holocaust and muse about how intersectional the dead might have been.” And they don’t write open letters holding the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all the violence used against it.

But we cannot just shake our heads at such comments. Unfortunately, we learn from history that the first step in the road to barbarism is any attempt to dehumanize other human beings and justify their elimination with adjectives and phrases meant to lessen their value. We should never justify evil.viewpoints new web version

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