Collapse of Universities
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Michael Brown predicts “The Coming Collapse of Our Secular Universities.” While it is true that the major universities with hefty endowments will survive, he makes the same prediction I have been making for many years and adds some other reasons for a future decline in the numbers and influence of universities.

“First, there has been a serious dip in enrollment in our colleges and universities across the nation.” Even before the pandemic, there was a plunge in enrollment at certain universities (especially those that made the news because of their woke policies or protests). The current decline in enrollment is the worst ever recorded.

When I talked about this decline in enrollment on my radio program, I reminded my listeners that a decline in freshman enrollment is not a mere one-year economic blip. Fewer freshmen mean fewer sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A one-year decline is felt for many years.

“Second, declining birth rates are contributing to lower enrollments.” The demographic downturn is affecting universities but also many other aspects of our society.

Michael Brown also reminds us of something I have discussed in previous commentaries: Christians and conservatives have more children than secularists and liberals. While secular universities are seeing enrollment declines, Christian colleges are seeing an increase in enrollment.

Finally, he explains that “the more these schools embrace radical Marxism, the less students will receive a practical education and the less equipped they will be for the real world.” Parents and prospective students are already questioning whether a college education is essential given sky-high tuition and the growing hostility toward a biblical perspective.

These factors suggest a major shift in higher education in America.viewpoints new web version

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