Students Rate Churches for LGBTQ “Safeness”

The Times of London featured an article recently reporting that students from Oxford University have rated churches in the area based on how friendly or so-called “safe” they are for LGBTQ plus individuals. After analyzing sermons and blog posts and speaking to worshipers, the students gave churches numerical ratings of one to five, with one being not at all safe and five being very safe. The organizer called the project “exceptionally important” and hopes it is replicated across the country.

While this is currently in England, it’s foolish to think it won’t be here soon. LGBTQ groups already rate businesses on this concocted “safe” idea. Churches in Wisconsin should be prepared for this. What’s really being rated is a church’s fidelity to the Word of God. Most churches that would be rated “safe,” long ago gave up being faithful to Scripture.

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