Russia, “Peacemaker or War monger”

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Hamas has had a relationship with Russia in the past. It looks like they’re trying to continue to develop that relationship.

DD: Well yes and we talked about Vladimir Putin and his drive to make Russia a great Middle Eastern power again as it once was under the Soviet Union. They’ve been building their ties with the Saudi’s and with others in the area and with Egypt again, and with the Palestinians. So they’re cozying the Palestinians are back up to the Russians but not just the radical groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Of course we know scripturally that Russia will be a major player in the end days in the region and so it’s developing.

JD: You brought up the fact that Russia, that would be Magog found there in Ezekiel 38, is going to be the leader of coalition of Islamic states trying to destroy the state of Israel. Meanwhile the Palestinians will be a part of that plan and want Vladimir Putin to lead the peace process. That’s ironic. They’re going to be the leader to destroy Israel. How in the world could Vladimir Putin play a role as a peace maker?

DD: Yes it is ironic to say the least. All of the pieces though of that alliance are not in place things are not yet there. But we do see the trends and you know where as 10 years ago Russia was basically out of the region and its influence had weighed considerably. It had more or less closed down its naval base in Syria and its air base there near the coast and now they’re all back and thriving. They’re taking over more land and setting up more bases. And as we know they even took over some of the evacuated US bases in northern Syria a few months ago. So they’re back on a role and it’s going to continue I’m sure.

JD: David Dolan with details on Russia in the Middle East, peacemaker or war monger.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Dolan laid out the potential leadership role for Russia in the future, peacemaker or war monger. The Palestinians want Russia and President Putin to lead the peace process in the Middle East. However the ancient Jewish prophets pre-wrote history in the prophetic books. Russia will be the war monger according to Ezekiel 38. That passage mentions Magog which is modern day Russia who will lead a coalition of Islamic states to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. This is a prophecy that actually was pre-written history. Combined Ezekiel 38 with Daniel 11 and Psalm 83 and you can see the partners with Russia and led by Russia who want to remove Israel from the Middle East that scenario is at the point of being fulfilled.

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