April 9: Praying Couples – the best protection against divorce!

As a recently married man, I’ve seen too many friends experience the pains of divorce. Did you know that prayer is the best way to protect your marriage against divorce?

A recent survey concluded that 80 percent of relationships in which the couples were living together without marriage vows end in separation. Sixty percent off those who are married by a justice of the peace are divorced later. Forty percent of those who are married in churches eventually divorce. And those who read their Bibles together daily divorce at the rate of 1 out of 1,050!


So how often do married couples pray?


Only 11% of American couples pray together – even assuming that all 11% are evangelical – that means that only 44% of self-proclaimed born-again Christian couples pray together daily.

Want to divorce-proof your marriage? Start praying together today!

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