Transgender Violence

In late May, a man with long blonde hair posted an image of himself wearing lipstick and make-up on social media, and then entered an AMC theater near Boston where he stabbed four girls watching a children’s movie. Jared Ravizza was allegedly “laughing the whole time” while he nearly killed them, the mother of three of them said.

From there, he drove to a McDonald’s in a different town, publicly urinated, and then allegedly stabbed two employees. He is also suspected of killing someone in Connecticut before going on his stabbing spree.

He was ultimately caught by police after crashing his expensive Porsche. His privileged background included living for several years among liberals on Martha’s Vineyard, while his Instagram account with 218,000 followers refers to himself as “she.”

A few weeks ago in Texas, a man who identified himself as a woman named Karon Fisher drove at high speed to strike an older man who was getting his mail, backed up over him, and then repeatedly stabbed him to death. This was caught on video and witnessed by multiple bystanders.

And in California Tremaine Carroll, a male prisoner who was relocated to a woman’s prison after he identified himself as a transgender woman, allegedly raped a woman there. In May, a Biden-appointed federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by women inmates against this California policy, by which more than 1,600 men have sought to be housed in women’s prisons.

Transgender crime and terrorism is becoming a serious issue in this country, and our lawmakers refuse to do anything about it. If you want to talk about privilege, look at who the Democrats let get away with crime. This must be confronted by undoing transgender-friendly legislation, as well as a societal recognition that transgender people have mental issues they need help with, not identity issues they need to be affirmed.

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