Bill Gates and the Climate Agenda

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is known for his activism to fight the fake climate change crisis. His new plan to save the environment is so bizarre that the worst-case scenario consequences of climate change seem preferable. More CO2 in the atmosphere means that the sea levels might rise, that our plants will get bigger, and there will be more crop harvests. Bill Gates does not want to see any of this happen.

CNBC reported: “Bill Gates is backing the first high-altitude experiment of one radical climate change solution—creating a massive chemical cloud that could cool the Earth. It’s called solar geoengineering.” Putting a giant chemical cloud in the atmosphere seems like it would not be very good for the environment, even though it is supposedly going to protect the environment. CNBC also reported that it would come with risks, such as famine, flooding, and drought. It would also turn the sky grey.

All of this is a very bad idea. This wild plan begs the question: why does Bill Gates want to save the environment by destroying the environment? Even the worst consequences that climate change fanatics describe are not nearly as bad as mass famine and drought. The only possible answer is that Bill Gates does not actually care about the environment. He is in this for something else, whether it’s for power, money, or just virtue signaling.

This shows us that climate alarmists should not be taken seriously. Their proposed solutions are insane. From economic impossibilities like universal electric vehicles to atrocities like depopulation, they propose ideas completely beyond the pale. It is time to stop engaging with climate alarmists and stop playing their games. They lead nowhere and will only result in ruin.

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