Canadian Fake History

Photo: Red Deer Industrial School Circa 1914; Author: United Church of Canada Archives; CC0 1.0 UNIVERSAL

The most important project of the far left is to demoralize everyone in normal and polite society. This is especially true if you are a Christian. Across the Western world, the left points out that Christianity has committed intolerable crimes. Children are taught about the horrors of colonialism from a very young age. Evil white Christians wiped out noble indigenous populations, they tell us. The stories say that even the indigenous people who survived were subjected to brutal oppression.

This is used as justification of violence against Christians. Three years ago, a story came out about a boarding school for indigenous Canadians run by Catholics. Reportedly, a mass grave was discovered at the site of this boarding school. The evil Christians had murdered the schoolchildren in cold blood. This led terrorists to destroy 85 Catholic churches across Canada. Little was done by Canadian authorities to catch the vandals. The Canadian government also doled out millions of dollars to investigate the mass graves and provide financial support for indigenous communities.

After $8 million was spent on the investigation over three years, they realized that there was no mass grave after all. The entire story had been fabricated to make Christians look like evil colonists. There have been no apologies to the Catholics who lost their Churches or to the Christians who have been denigrated.

Fake history is real. It is a propaganda technique by the left to demoralize and discredit everything good and noble from Western history. Next time you hear that whites, Christians, or any other so-called oppressor group is guilty of some grave atrocity, make sure to double-check. The left is not searching to find and share the truth. They are searching for power.

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