Americans Don’t Like Ukraine War

Photo: Anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine; author: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine; CC BY-SA 2.0

Biden has made himself into the pro-war candidate and his party into the pro-war party. This is going to hurt him in the election in November.

The only member of Congress born in Ukraine, Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN), voted against the April Ukraine aid bill that pours more fuel on that fire without spending a dollar on our own border security.

Ukraine lacks four million 155-millimeter artillery shells. But after doubling our capacity, we produce only 360,000 annually, which is less than one-tenth of what would offset Russia’s 5-to-1 artillery advantage.

Rep. Spartz points out that only $13.8 billion of the Ukraine package passed by the House will actually go toward direct military aid. Lobbyists, globalists, Leftists, and well-connected insiders in Washington and Kiev will get much of this $61 billion package.

The presidential election in Ukraine scheduled for March 31 was canceled by Zelensky to remain in power indefinitely, so it is unclear how many Ukrainians even support his government.

George Washington warned Americans against entanglement in foreign conflicts, in his Farewell Address published in 1796. Yet on Saturday Democrat congressmen were waving Ukrainian flags in the House of Representatives to celebrate deepening American involvement in that unwinnable war.

“History and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government,” Washington warned Americans in words probably drafted by his brilliant aide, Alexander Hamilton. “A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils,” they prophetically cautioned.

Perhaps the House Democrats who unanimously voted for the Ukraine package privately realize that billions of it could support partisan liberal goals. It would not be a surprise if a chunk of it is routed through lobbyists and others toward electing liberals or enacting their state ballot initiatives throughout America this Fall.

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