What is Racism?

Despite the end of slavery, the banning of segregation in the Civil Rights Act, and great efforts toward cultural transformation in the United States, the radical left still likes to cry racism any chance they get. Every week there seems to be a new thing that fits under the category of racism, whether it is milk, picnics, or being on time. Yes, the Smithsonian did say in 2020 that “being on time” is a form of racist and oppressive whiteness.

If racism truly was alive and well in America today, there is no doubt that most conservatives would join the fight. It is not, though, so why is there still so much hue and cry about racism?

The left has changed the definition of racism and that’s a big part of it. It used to mean treating someone differently based on the color of their skin, that was racism. The left’s new definition is “prejudice plus power.”

This means that a victim can never be accused of racism. According to the left’s narrative, you cannot be racist toward whites, because whites are the historically powerful class. A minority cannot be racist, because they are powerless in this systemically racist society – or so this theory goes.

This definition is only window-dressing, however. The true meaning of racism is a slur to increase the left’s cultural power. It essentially just means anything the left wants to get rid of. It is a weapon. Not only that, but it is the left’s weapon and the left’s weapon alone.

So do not bat an eye when the left cries racism, because it is more likely they are playing power games than raising an ethical concern.

And do not try to point out that they are the ones being racist in reality. They will not care, and using the term only serves to further entrench their cultural power. Ignore their bullying slurs and the definitions that they change and rechange. Wait for all of it to be sent to the dustbin of history.

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