Ukraine War Hurts Biden’s Campaign

The 2024 election is looking rough for Biden.

Ending America’s involvement in foreign war, which in 1968 was Vietnam, is a pivotal issue among young voters. Pushing through Congress a $61 billion package to extend the war in Ukraine “for as long as it takes,” as he promised, Biden has made himself the pro-war candidate.

The only member of Congress born in Ukraine, Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN), voted against the April Ukraine aid bill that pours more fuel on that fire without spending a dollar on our own border security. Rep. Spartz tweeted her opposition to the America Last uniparty on X.

“A uniparty in Washington is failing the American people,” Rep. Spartz observed. “I spoke on the floor in support of my amendment to eliminate an additional blank check of $16B to @POTUS Biden hidden in this bill by increasing the emergency presidential authorities to spend for any foreign country or international organization – ANY – true blank check,” she added.

In other words, the bill just passed by the Republican-controlled House includes a $16 billion handout to Biden to spend however he likes, much of which could be used for political gain. One recent “national security” project by the Biden Administration is to “train at least 200 LGBTQI+ community leaders … with preference given to trans and intersex community leaders” to advance their ideology in India.

Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) has shown it is impossible for Ukraine to win this war against Russia, so the continued funding delays peace. Sen. Vance explained in an op-ed in the New York Times that “Russia has nearly four times the population of Ukraine” and “Ukraine needs upward of half a million new recruits,” while the “average Ukrainian soldier is roughly 43 years old” and already fatigued from 2 years in battle.

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