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There was a time when a debate about immigration was about jobs. There was the cheap labor argument on the one side, and the American workers argument on the other. The debate was also about assimilation of new people how our melting pot is supposed to work. It was even about how we might save some folks from oppression in their home nations – for example, Vietnamese, Bosnian or Tutsi people. Images of the victims of war-torn or corrupt countries meant to tug on our heartstrings spread far and wide on social media.

But today, none of those debates are meaningful. They all pale in comparison to the greatest issue with immigration, rearing its ugly head at this critical time. Our border is wide open and we are watching millions of people come to America. They are lying about their reason for coming to the border: they are taught to mouth words about “fear” and “refuge” from harm. And our broken Biden government is letting them in through a bungled asylum system.

Today, the border question is about SELF DEFENSE: it’s all about national security.  The people coming are unknowable and many fit a negative profile. They are single military age coming in droves, not the happy Hispanic Catholic families we are propagandized to believe.

It’s time to stop it all, right now.

We have to care and there is one man who can help us understand and care. His name is Todd Bensman and he has been shouting from the rooftops for a few years now. He is the Senior National Security Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies. He is thoughtful, serious, and an investigator. He digs into what is happening and writes about it.

He has written two books that lay bare the problems: America’s Covert Border War: The Untold Story of the Nation’s Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration and Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History.

This has become the #1 issue in America: our border and what it is doing to us. It’s time for legislators in Washington to stop the insanity.

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