Drain the Pentagon Swamp

Photo: Space Force Leader to Become 8th Member of Joint Chiefs (3), 2020, public domain

A military is a necessary part of any nation. America’s military has protected our country for centuries. But the American military must exist within the constraints of America’s Constitution and must answer to the proper authorities. In the 2020s, though, the military establishment has shown hints of defiance, and the Pentagon swamp needs to be drained.

Lippincott and Ingrassia wrote in The American Mind that: “The president alone is the commander-in-chief—not the secretary of defense, not Congress, and certainly not the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The revelation that Mark Milley usurped the Constitution by seizing control of the nation’s nuclear weapons after the 2020 election shows just how defiant and mutinous the military establishment has become.”

Reports have also come out that left-wing groups have been putting pressure on the military to defy orders in a potential second Trump Administration. Lippincott and Ingrassia wrote that “This internal opposition from both the military and intelligence agencies combines with what global elites are already plotting at Davos and elsewhere… which are all preparing to undermine the next Trump Administration and, by extension, America’s power and influence on the world stage.”

This is why we need a patriotic military that is steadfastly devoted to the principles of America First and actively supports, rather than subverts, the President. Lippincott and Ingrassia write that this will need dramatic reforms, though, because the liberal rot that has impacted the rest of our society has impacted the military as well. Anti-constitutional attitudes and left-wing ideology are corrosive to our military, and they should be done away with promptly. Without these reforms, America is in danger, both from enemies abroad and enemies at home. A military operating outside the bounds of the Constitution means that corrupt entities could undermine our elected officials and sitting Presidents in extremely dangerous ways.

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