NOW is Annoyed that Christians Care

The National Organization for Women (abbreviated NOW) does not like that Christians care about their beliefs. Specifically, NOW released an article in December complaining that Christians were going from pews to politics and influencing the laws surrounding so-called “reproductive care.” Remember, when leftists say “reproductive care,” what they really mean is killing babies.

The article, titled ‘Pews to Politics: How American Christian Antiabortionists Have Influenced Abortion and Reproductive Care in the United States’, does not exactly make arguments, but rather gives a general description of Christian influence in abortion politics while using charged language to paint it in a bad light. For example, the article emphasizes how abortion restrictions have been championed by “predominantly geriatric white men.” It is not clear why the race of anti-abortionists matters. If anything, this should raise eyebrows, because Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a racist eugenicist.

Ironically, the article credits Phyllis Schlafly and Kristan Hawkins for being staunch pro-lifers. Neither of them fit the category of geriatric males. The article falsely claims that pregnancy resource centers endanger women and waxes on and on that the more devout a Christian is, the more likely they are to oppose abortion.

The author claims that the overturning of Roe was a huge shift in the ideology of the Supreme Court. In reality, it was a return to the Constitutional roots of the Supreme Court and a walking back of the judicial activism that has been so damaging for our country.

This article is part and parcel of leftist advocacy. They frame an issue as if consensus already exists, and then proceed to lambast the other side for disagreeing. They don’t argue, they don’t honestly engage in the marketplace of ideas. They manipulate and propagandize, so it is important to hold your nose when reading articles by left-wingers, especially pro-abortion ones because their positions lead them to grossly misrepresent the world

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