Leftist Language Leads to Insanity

When you’re a child, your parents will try to guard what you hear because some words can be harmful to a child. However, as you grow and mature, your parents don’t have to do that anymore, because you become an adult that can process the world in a reasoned way. This is not the case for leftist college students. Like small children, they lobby Professors and administrators to control the language around them like overbearing parents to protect their feelings.

This is to be expected in the age of the Postmodernist and Neo-Marxist takeover of American higher learning. The far-left French theorists like Foucault and Derrida believe that the West has been taken over by logo-centrism, which is used to enforce unfair constrictions on people like government and family. This is the motivation behind the left’s attempts to warp the English language.

At the University of Las Vegas, the Environmental Law Society had to apologize for using the word “picnic.” Apparently, the word picnic has racist underpinnings connected to lynching. A basic etymological search shows that picnic comes from the French “pique-nique,” which is a potluck social gathering and is not racist.

Leftist ideology leads to insanity in what words are and are not allowed. In 2020, the University of Michigan released a list of inappropriate and offensive words that should be avoided. One would expect it to be a list of slurs. Instead, included on the list were “brown bag,” “blacklist,” “brainstorm,” “chief,” “step,” and “white paper.”

Students and parents either take out loans or work very hard to pay tens of thousands of dollars for tuition, and this is the quality of education they get. In the world of leftist cultural domination, we are all treated like children under overbearing mother figures in the form of HR departments and university administrators, told what we can and cannot say with no rhyme or reason. As students graduate from these supposed higher-learning institutions, we can only wonder what the workforce will look like filled with adult-sized children.

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