News Roundup & Comment

Date: June 21, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
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Crosstalk listeners get caught up on news stories from around the world each Friday.  Here’s a selection of stories that Jim presented this week:

–Tuesday evening it was revealed by the Wall Street Journal that President Biden is delaying the sale of F-15 fighter jets to Israel.

–The leader of Hezbollah has vowed a fight with no rules and with no red lines   if full-out war erupts between the Lebanese militant group and Israel.

–U.S. military officials on June 19th confirmed that an air strike in Syria did kill a top terrorist leader in ISIS over the past weekend.

–The high price of tobacco in Gaza has given rise to a cigarette smuggling industry and now threatens U.N. aid convoys.

–The Biden administration’s decision to spend 230 million dollars worth of hard-working American tax dollars on the humanitarian pier off the cost of Gaza seemed ill advised from the start.

–Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress on July 24th

–Over 50 synagogues in Florida were forced to evacuate on Tuesday after receiving bomb threats via email sparking a massive response from law enforcement and concerns about rising antisemitism.

–Senator Patty Murray of Washington, the chairwoman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, requested 2.5 million dollars for the Muslim Association of Puget Sound last month for the construction for a clinic.

–The international shipping industry demanding action after Islamic terrorists, backed by Iran, sunk a major vessel in the Red Sea in the last several days.

–The police in London do nothing as a Muslim activist led a hunt for Jews. 

–The Manhattan District Attorneys Office, led by anti-Trump prosecutor Alvin Bragg, has dismissed trespassing charges against 30 Columbia University protesters who were arrested for occupying a campus building.

–Will the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act also require women to register for the draft?

–A press release from Senator Tim Kaine and Senator Tammy Baldwin led the introduction of a Senate resolution acknowledging and apologizing for the mistreatment of and the discrimination against LGBT individuals that have served America in the uniformed services as civil servants or in the foreign service.

–Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed the Detransitioner Bill of Rights, legislation that would give individuals seeking to de-transition the same rights and medical protections as those seeking to transition.

–A second whistle-blower has come forward to expose details about “gender transition” practices at Texas Children’s Hospital, accusing the hospital of billing Medicaid for underage “reassignment” procedures in violation of state law.

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