Reality–Virtual or Virtuous

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Air Date: July 23, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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In our modern society there seems to be and incessant desire for entertainment and excitement and this can lead to parents who allow or even encourage unbiblical choices in the lives of their kids just to prevent them from getting bored.

Remember the fantasy board game phenomenon that included games such as Dungeons and Dragons?

Remember the Columbine shooting? This tragedy was executed by young men who were fans of watching video games that had been used for military training.

Last week, and even now, the media is abuzz about the PhD student who showed up with red hair at a midnight showing of the latest “Batman” movie calling himself the Joker. For reasons still unknown, allegedly he went on a shooting spree killing and wounding many people.

When Satan clouds the mind, virtuousness disappears and that which we often call virtual reality gets played out. As we’ve seen, in acting out these scenes of the mind, people get killed.

This program contrasts worldly entertainment choices against the Christian standard—God’s Word. It challenges all believers to make sure Christ isn’t merely a historic person or that Christianity isn’t merely a faith system residing in the mind. Instead this program encourages people to make certain that Christ is truly residing in the heart.

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