Mike Gendron Rally – “Discerning Truth in the Age of Deception”

Date: May 2, 2024
Host: Dalton Windsor

As Dalton opened up the broadcast he asked the following questions: Where do you go for truth?  What is truth?  How can we know it?

If these are questions you’ve asked yourself or others, you’ll want to take notes on this broadcast called, Discerning Truth in the Age of Deception.  This program was a rebroadcast of the VCY March 2024, Spring Rally that featured speaker Mike Gendron.

Dalton set the tone for the hour by playing audio from Mike as he quoted A.W. Pink, one of the most influential evangelical authors of the second half of the 20th century.  Pink was quoted as saying:

“The hardest task before most of us is not to learn, but to unlearn.  Many of God’s own children have drunk so deeply of the sweetened poison of Satan, that it is by no means easy to get it out of their systems; and while it remains in them, it stupefies their understanding.”

No matter how religious you may think you are, are you willing to unlearn what you were falsely taught and learn the truth from God’s Word?

A critical factor in all of this is discernment.  Have you ever considered what’s causing the decline in this area?  Mike believes it’s directly related to the absence of sound teaching today.  This lack of discernment among those who profess Christ has left them unprotected from every wind of doctrine.

However, Mike also noted another reason for this lack of discernment.  It’s the fact that Satan knows his days are numbered and he is orchestrating an all-out attack on the church and the truth of God’s Word.  His fatal lies and half-truths are keeping people dead in their sins and woefully deceived about life’s most critical issue which is how we can all become right with God.  

So listen in as Mike answers questions such as:

  • What is discernment and why do we need it?
  • What is truth and how can we know it?
  • How is Satan attacking the Christian faith?
  • Since God is sovereign, why does he allow wolves near the flock?
  • Why do we need to mark and avoid false teachers?
  • Why must we guard the Gospel of Grace.

These and other questions are answered as Mike explains in detail how Satan is attacking the Christian faith and how discernment will help you recognize the various deceptions that are taking place.

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