LIFE ISSUES: Euthanasia

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The logical end of physician-assisted suicide is EUTHANASIA. Like PAS, euthanasia involves a doctor in the killing process, but with euthanasia it’s the doctors — not the patients — that decide who is unworthy to live.

Think that sounds like it came from the pages of a horror novel? Guess again. According to the Brooklyn Journal of International Law, shortly after the Netherlands legalized euthanasia, the Royal Dutch Medical Association proposed ending the lives of “disabled children, the severely mentally retarded, and patients in irreversible comas.”

As Monica Burke of the Heritage Foundation said, “When a culture differentiates between lives worth living and lives worth ending, the consequences to vulnerable populations — the young, the old, the sick, and disabled — are disastrous.”

In contrast, Scripture teaches that every human is made in God’s image, has innate worth, and should be protected. 

And what are other life issues? We’ll discuss them another time.

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