Charles Darwin (Part 3)

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As we continue to unpack “irreducible complexity,” we should also make note to address some of the claims that have been thrown against it. If you encounter an evolutionist with this conversation and use the eye as an example, you’ll most likely hear the response “that’s been debunked! We know how the eye evolved!”

“The first organisms with a modification resembling an eye lived around 550 million years ago. if the eye improved just 0.005 percent each generation, it would take 364,000 years for eyes to evolve from a patch of light sensitive cells to the complex eyes we have today.”

Don’t be lied to, friend. Eyes cannot withstand the fossilization process, so we need to remember that we have never observed an eye evolving from a photo sensitive spot into what we have today. According to Darwin’s theory, anything that decreases a trait’s effectiveness should be rejected by natural selection even if that change isn’t fatal.

The eye is so complex that all the parts had to have come into existence at the same time in order for it to be functional. Evolution cannot fit that into their theory,

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