Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? (Part 3)

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So, what’s this example found in the Bible where it’s clearly talking about a dinosaur?

Turn to Job 40 and read verses 15 through 23.  Here you’ll meet Behemoth, a vegetarian animal that God made with powerful stomach muscles, huge thigh muscles, and a tail like a cedar tree.  Their bones were like tubes of bronze, and they were the largest land creature God made.  They could drink the river Jordon up at FLOOD stage and not even think about it.

That’s very clearly an elephant, right?  NO!  Hippopotamus?  NO!  Crocodile?  Strike three, you’re out.

The only animal that fits is a sauropod dinosaur and even the famous atheist Carl Sagan knew this.  He said this about sauropods: “they stretched to biblical proportions – their necks were as cedars.”

I know, he got the wrong end of the animal, but he clearly understood what the Bible was describing.

But didn’t dinosaurs die out millions of years before man came along?  Well, that’s for next time.

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