Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? (Part 2)

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“Carl, last time you said the Bible talks about dinosaurs … where?”

Yes, I do believe that, but don’t go and do a word search for “dinosaur” in the Bible because you won’t find it.  And that’s because it’s a modern word.

The Geneva Bible was translated into English in 1557 and the King James Version in 1611.  The word “dinosaur” was created by Sir Richard Owens in 1841.  By the way, he’s responsible for building the world-famous London Museum of Natural History.  And, he was a creationist! 

This means the word “dinosaur” wasn’t around when the Bible was originally translated into English, so we shouldn’t find it in there!

But, you will find the Hebrew word “tanniyn”, which has been translated into English in many ways.  One of which is “dragon”.

You’ll see that usage in Isaiah 27:1 and Psalm 74:13.  But, there’s one example that’s very clearly talking about a dinosaur.

And that would be … for next time.

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