Republicans Unveil a Right to IVF

After earlier this week blocking U.S. Senate Democrats from advancing a bill to codify federal protections for embryo-destroying in vitro fertilization or IVF, Republican Senators introduced a bill of their own to protect the inhuman procedure across the country. Lifesite news reports that all forty-nine GOP senators voted for the bill sponsored by Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Katie Britt of Alabama. In this move to create a national right to IVF, Republicans presented their measure as “pro-life” and “pro-family.”

Ensuring a so-called “right” to IVF without requiring that any embryos created be implanted is neither pro-life nor pro-family. So-called “excess” embryos are put in storage and unless they are adopted, which comparatively few are, these tiny humans are destroyed. The US Senate Republicans are acting purely politically in this election year.

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