Revival with Harold Vaughan

Friday, October 6th – 7pm repeating at 12am, 5am & Noon Monday on TV30 and VCY.TV.

At the beginning of his ministry, Harold Vaughan set out on a journey to answer the question: what sparks a revival, and how can we see it today? This led him to Northern Ireland to experience what God did in the past. Come with Harold and find out how we can see a revival again.

Here is a quote from the doc: “Every revival can be traced to a kneeling figure.”

Harold Vaughan travels to Northern Ireland and speaks to Tom Shaw, Eric Stewart, Victor Maxwell, and Stanley Barnes where they discuss the 1859 Revival, the ministry of W.P. Nicholson, and how God worked in the past. Harold then flies back to the United States to speak with Bob Hassell on how we can see revival today.

The bottom line of this film is summed up in this question: What sparks a revival and how can we see it today?

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