Negotiating with the dentist

When the dentist told Bob he charged $500 for a tooth extraction Bob said “What if we skipped that numbing spray before you put the needle in?” “I wouldn’t advise that but we could do it for $400.” “What if you only use half the Novocain” “That would be very painful but we could do it for $300.” “Still too much. What if we did it without any anesthesia?” “We’ll have to strap you in the chair. The pain will be unbearable. But we can do it for $200.” “Fine.” said Bob, “Go ahead and schedule an appointment next week for my wife.”

Bob should have realized that some things are non-negotiable. Negotiation is a great skill to have when buying a car or a house or visiting a flea market. But when it comes to spiritual matters our time commitments are non-negotiable.

Determine how much time you will spend with God tomorrow morning and make it a priority. By making it non-negotiable you’ll insure you redeem the time.

Rick Grubbs is best known as the host of “Redeeming the Time,” a one-minute radio program featured on hundreds of radio outlets around the world. He has spoken thousands of times on Biblical time management in all 50 states and 26 other countries. He is the author of the book “Morning Momentum: God’s plan for launching an unstoppable day”. He and his wife Carrie live in Salisbury NC with several of their 12 children.

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