People or Pets

A March 2012 news story told of a British bride who postponed her marriage because her pet lizard got sick. She didn’t have enough money for both the wedding and the $4,700 needed to pay for the lizard’s chemotherapy treatments. So, she chose the lizard. She was quoted by a British newspaper as saying “George [the lizard] will always come first.”

I like my pets. I have a golden retriever named “Friendly.” She does a great job of keeping our 12 children entertained. She likes to believe she is a part of the family. And in a limited way she is, but at the end of the day, she is still a dog. She eats dog food and sleeps under the porch.

Pets are great, but like everything else, they have to be prioritized when it comes to how much money and how much time they receive. Only people have eternal souls. That’s why being careful to prioritize people before pets will redeem the time.

Rick Grubbs is best known as the host of “Redeeming the Time,” a one-minute radio program featured on hundreds of radio outlets around the world. He has spoken thousands of times on Biblical time management in all 50 states and 26 other countries. He is the author of the book “Morning Momentum: God’s plan for launching an unstoppable day”. He and his wife Carrie live in Salisbury NC with several of their 12 children.

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