2 Sauls

As Dr. Michael Guido points out, there were two men in the Bible named Saul, who lived two very different lives. The Old Testament Saul was a king. He was a mighty man at one time until he turned from God to sin. The New Testament Saul became a mighty man after he turned from sin to God.

But, the most striking difference between the two Sauls, is their last words. The Saul of the Old Testament lamented, “I have played the fool.” The New Testament Saul said, “I have kept the faith.”

Both Sauls made a decision, years before the end of their life, which ultimately determined how they would end up. The Old Testament Saul concentrated his time on pleasing himself and building for himself a greater name. The New Testament Saul whole-heartedly surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He then wrote more of the New Testament than anyone else and lived for us an example of his command to redeem the time.

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