Attention Span

A museum did a study over a 10 year period to determine how long the average visitor spent looking at an object. The first study the determined the average was about 9 seconds. 10 years later however the study revealed the average person spent about 3 seconds actually looking at museum objects.

That study reveals volumes about our attention span. Fast action entertainment, electronic games and dumb down education have combined to create a “3 second” culture. More times than not, we as Christians have also been effected by it.

That’s why it is a good idea to keep in mind what your own attention span is when planning your schedule. Keeping activities within those limits and planning adequate variety can be a good strategy to keep you alert.

But on the other hand, keep in mind that developing a longer attention span is also in keeping with God’s plan for developing character and depth of thought in your life. Knowing your attention span limits and learning to improve them will redeem the time.

Rick Grubbs is best known as the host of “Redeeming the Time,” a one-minute radio program featured on hundreds of radio outlets around the world. He has spoken thousands of times on Biblical time management in all 50 states and 26 other countries. He is the author of the book “Morning Momentum: God’s plan for launching an unstoppable day”. He and his wife Carrie live in Salisbury NC with several of their 12 children.

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