2018 Year in Review: VCY Ministry Trips

Over the years we’ve heard from many who want to visit great Christian ministries like the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and Pacific Garden Mission; or learn about our Christian Heritage in Chicago, Washington, and Boston. We’ve worked to provide inexpensive opportunities to travel to the various Christian ministries and historic sites with knowledgeable guides, and have appreciated the many who’ve travelled with us in 2018!

March – Creation Museum / Ark Encounter

March VCY Ministry Trip to the Creation Museum

Since the Ark Encounter opened in 2016, VCY has brought hundreds of listeners to visit the incredible outreach ministry of Answers in Genesis. Our three day trip includes a visit to the Ark and the Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky.

April – Chicago Field Museum with Carl Kerby

Chicago Field Museum

Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope held a training day at the Field Museum in Chicago. VCY brought a group down to join Carl Kerby for an incredible day of teaching and hands-on exploration!

May – Unshackled / Pacific Garden Mission

In May we took a day trip to Chicago to explore our Christian heritage, stopping at the grave of Billy Sunday, exploring the incredible collection of Biblical artifacts at the Oriental Institute, watching a live production of Unshackled, and touring the Pacific Garden Mission.

Returning from the grave of Billy Sunday

June – Washington DC Christian Heritage

Tim Schmig of Stories in Stone led a group of VCY listeners through Washington DC. We saw George Washington’s tomb, Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, Museum of the Bible, and the White House!

Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Tomb
Tomb of the Soldier known but to God, Arlington National Cemetery
Tim Schmig speaking to our group at the Lincoln Memorial
Tim Schmig sharing at the Jefferson Memorial
Watch Tim Schmig sharing with the group at the Jefferson Memorial
Inside the White House

September – South Dakota Creation Museum / Ark Encounter

In September we welcomed many of our South Dakota listeners to join us for a tour of the Ark Encounter! Departing from South Dakota we made our way to the Ark and the Creation Museum. On the way back we also stopped at the VCY Headquarters and Jim Schneider gave us a tour of the ministry.

South Dakota group at the Ark Encounter
South Dakota group at the VCY America Headquarters

October – Milwaukee Creation Museum / Ark Encounter

We took another group of listeners from the Milwaukee area to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum!

On board the bus to the Ark Encounter
Breakfast at the hotel in Lawrenceburg, IN
VCY Ministry Trip group at the Ark Encounter

October – Boston Christian Heritage

Tim Schmig of Stories in Stone led a group of VCY Listeners to Boston to explore our Colonial Christian Heritage. We walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, explored Harvard, the Tea Party Museum and more!

Along the Freedom Trail we found the site where D.L. Moody was saved.
Outside the cemetery of Paul Revere
At the Tea Party Museum, where we sampled the teas thrown overboard by the colonists.

Adoniram Judson graduated valedictorian from now-Brown University, but fell into Jacob Earnes’ friendship. Earnes was a skeptic, and soon Judson was adopting the unbelief of his friend. But something happened that changed Judson’s life!

Tim Schmig shares the life of Adoniram Judson at his grave site.
Plimoth Plantation, a historic re-enactment of the Pilgrim’s settlement.

December – Unshackled / Pacific Garden Mission

A Day Trip to Chicago’s Christian Heritage.

Our final ministry trip of the year was back to Chicago! Using our newly printed guidebook, we explored the Oriental Institute, Billy Sunday’s Grave, Pacific Garden Mission, and Unshackled.

Touring Pacific Garden Mission
Watching a live production of Unshackled
Listening to Pastor Phil Preaching!

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