Does the Word of God Use the Terms “Treaty of Israel” or the “Covenant with Many?”

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I have come to a conclusion with the study of other passages of scripture. In 2 Peter 1:20, it says that no prophecy is of private interpretation. Daniel 9:27 states, “And he shall confirm a covenant (a treaty) …”

Strong’s Concordance says that the Hebrew word for “covenant” also has an alternative translation which would be “treaty.” We are talking about a covenant of peace.

Daniel 9:24-27 says that God has a special plan for a special people … “thy people” … which would be the Jewish people and “thy holy city,” Jerusalem (Nehemiah 11:2). It is the city referred to in this passage of Scripture. The word “many” goes back and amplifies so you can understand what the special plan is for the Jewish people. There has to be a pseudo peace that would be put in place. Antichrist dupes the Jewish people by bringing a peace to the table (Revelation 6:1-2). A man on a white horse with a crown on his head and a bow in his hand with no arrows … which means that he comes as a man of peace. A bow, in and of itself, is not an offensive weapon; you must have an arrow to have an offensive weapon. The antichrist is trying to be the replica of Jesus Christ and will come on the scene, putting together a peace arrangement.

In Ezekiel 38:8, they were dwelling safely in the land; this was in the first part of the Tribulation period, soon after the confirmation of the peace treaty. The antichrist shall confirm which in Hebrew means not “to sign” but “to strengthen” or “make stronger” or “confirm” this covenant. It has to be a treaty of some type.

The word covenant from the Hebrew can be translated as treaty as well.

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