Does the Word “Jew” Come from the Name “Judah” in 2 Kings 16?

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“Then Rezin king of Syria and Pekah son of Remaliah king of Israel came up to Jerusalem to war: and they besieged Ahaz, but could not overcome him. At that time Rezin king of Syria recovered Elath to Syria, and drave the Jews from Elath: and the Syrians came to Elath, and dwelt there unto this day.” (2 Kings 16:5-6)

In verse 5, it talks about the kings of Israel (northern kingdom – ten tribes) and Syria who come to Jerusalem to make war. In verse 6 they drove the Jews from Elath. Judah and Jews are synonymous terms in the context of verses 5 and 6. Ezra 4:12 talks about the Jews.  The word “Jew” is used 75 times in the Old Testament, mostly in the books of Esther and Nehemiah. 186 verses in the New Testament use the word Jew.

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