BIBLE: Interesting Facts (Part 4)

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The Bible contains information that couldn’t have been known by the early writers.  For example, the Book of Job tells us that the earth “hangs on nothing.”  Without the use of telescopes and modern science, there’s no way Job could have known that.  However, in 1543, a mere 3,500 years later, Copernicus is credited with the scientific discovery that backs up what the Bible already knew.

What about the fact that Hebrews tells us that matter is made up of invisible particles?  As crazy as that sounds, in 1803 John Dalton’s Atomic Theory confirmed that Paul got it right!

My favorite is Matthew Fontaine Murray.  This dude read the Bible where Isaiah talks about currents in the ocean, and he believed it.  He went on to map out these currents and became the father of modern oceanography. He changed sea shipping as we know it!

I can’t wait to tell you more evidences for divine inspiration next time.

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