Does Isaiah 17 (the Destruction of Damascus) Occur Before the Rapture?

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Isaiah 17 is the record of the destruction of Damascus. This chapter is talking about the Day of the Lord, that seven-year period of time when Damascus will be destroyed. 

  • Isaiah 17:4 – “in that day it shall come to pass” 
  • Isaiah 17:7 – “at that day shall a man look to his Maker”
  • Isaiah 17:9 – “in that day shall his strong cities be as a forsaken bough”
  • Isaiah 17:11 – “in the day shalt thou make thy plant to grow … in the day of grief”

Daniel 11:40-45 is talking about the king of the north (modern day Syria) and the king of the south (modern day Egypt) coming against Israel.  When they come against Israel, the Lord intercedes, and He uses the antichrist who is described in verse 36.

The antichrist will come rushing back into the glorious holy land (verse 41), he will go north and wipe out Syria, he will come down through Moab and Edom (modern day Jordan), he will not touch Jordan where Petra is (that is where the Lord will protect the Jewish people in these periods of time in the Tribulation), and then he will go to the south and attack Egypt.  When Syria is wiped out, that is the destruction of Damascus as recorded in Isaiah 17.

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