Will Some People Not Live Long Enough to Hear the Gospel Message During the Tribulation Period?

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That is true. 

Half of the earth’s population in two different judgments (the fourth seal judgment [Revelation 6] and the fifth trumpet judgment [Revelation 9]) will be killed.  Staying alive during the Tribulation period will be tough. If you hear the Gospel, understand it, but reject it, you will not have a second chance.

Jimmy DeYoung was a prophecy teacher and journalist who travelled the country and the world educating the Body of Christ of the future events foretold in God’s prophetic Word. His goal was to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding of what God’s Word says will happen someday soon, so that they can make better decisions today. Dr. DeYoung went home to be with his Savior on August 15, 2021.

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