Nothing has worked to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, so then why not try the Peace to Prosperity plan

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Winkie what I would like to do is simply look at this Bahrain economic conference. I want to know first of all do you think its good? Is it going to develop anything or is it just a waist of time? What are your thoughts?

WM: Well Jimmy let’s put it this way, nothing has worked in the past 100 years or should I say nothing else has worked in the past 100 years. We had a mandate that was authorized by the highest international legal body at the time of League of Nations. We had a partition plan by the United Nations. We had 2-4-2-3-3-8 we had negotiations. We had Camp David 1 and we had Camp David 2. And I don’t want to keep go on going but it goes on and on and you’re about aware of it as much as I am.

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